Direct Primary Care

What    Is  Direct  Primary Care?

What  is  your health  and  your time worth  to  you?   Really, this is an important question, I  want you  to  consider.    

Everyone  (myself  included)  has   experienced  the  following , even if  you  have  an  insurance   card:

Is this  your  Healthcare? 

Direct  Primary Care  is  a  innovative alternative  payment  model  for  healthcare 

It is  not  insurance ,  but  leats  be  honest, insurance  isn't  health  care.  Insurance  is,  in case  I  get   sick  care  for  a  lot  of  people. 

Direct  Primary Care includes:

If you  are    looking    for  personalized,  affordable,  quality  healthcare that  is  committed  to  keeping  you  well,  come  see  me  at  BRAND NEW MED- Direct Primary Care

Natalia Southerland MD. PT, Health Caoch

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