Direct Primary Care

What    Is  Direct  Primary Care?

What  is  your health  and  your time worth  to  you?   Really, this is an important question, I  want you  to  consider.    

Everyone  (myself  included)  has   experienced  the  following , even if  you  have  an  insurance   card:

Is this  your  Healthcare? 

Direct  Primary Care  is  a  innovative alternative  payment  model  for  healthcare 

It is  not  insurance ,  but  leats  be  honest, insurance  isn't  health  care.  Insurance  is,  in case  I  get   sick  care  for  a  lot  of  people. 

Direct  Primary Care includes:

If you  are    looking    for  personalized,  affordable,  quality  healthcare that  is  committed  to  keeping  you  well,  come  see  me  at  BRAND NEW MED- Direct Primary Care

Natalia Southerland MD, Health Coach Dr. Southerland is a Family Physician with 20 years of experience treating chronic diseases like hypertension and diabetes. With increasing recognition that lifestyle change and not treatment with medication is the foundation of health, she obtained a health coaching and personal training certifications and created a practice that has as its foundation, a focus on the patient and lifestyle change.

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