SELF CARE: Making You and Your Health a Priority

Busy Schedule Cartoon-  Copyright 2003  by Randy Glasbergen

Even  when  you  have  a  condition,    like  high  blood  pressure, your   numbers  may  be  normal,  but  you  can  still    generally  not  feel   as  well  as  you   could  or  should. 

What  are   some    symptoms    of  the    need  for  Self  Care :


Life  is    busy  and  stressful .  Too  many  things  to  do and not  enough  time.    Constant    stress  can  lead  to    high  blood  pressure  ,  overeating  and  obesity,  anxiety  and  depression  among  other  things.    

Every  time      you  say I  can't"    or  "I  don't  have  time"  to  do   something    good  for  your  health  ,  you  in  effect    have  said ,    "I  CHOOSE  NOT  TO  MAKE  MYSELF  A  PRIORITY."      



Natalia Southerland MD. PT, Health Caoch

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February is American Heart Month. In 2019 , heart disease remains the leading cause of death of men and women in the U.S. Health and Prevention cant happen without SELF LOVE.