Love  Yourself

It's  2019.  Technology and information is everywhere in healthcare . 

You've  read  the  info  on the  warning  signs of  a  heart  attack.  You can  walk  into  an ER  having  chest  pain, be  immediately  evaluated,  whisked  away  for  a  procedure called  a  cardiac  catherization  and , literally , your  heart  and  life  is  saved. Time  is  heart  muscle.  

Consider  what  should have  happened before this  life  saving  intervention.  Not  just  going  to  the  doctor  for  your  blood  pressure follow  up,  your yearly lab work,  checking your  blood  pressure  at  home ( things I  too  encourage  patients  to  do) 

What  about  SELF  LOVE?....... How is  this  important  to  preventing  heart  disease?  







Healthcare  and preventing  disease  is  not  just  about taking  a  pill  or  waiting  for  the  life  saving  intervention.   For  me , its   about  sitting  down and  helping  people  change  from  within  to  be  their very  best.  Treatment  comes  from the  outside.  Health  , Healing  and Self  Love  come  from the  inside.............    Need  help ?  Come  see  Me.  


Natalia Southerland MD, Health Coach Dr. Southerland is a Family Physician with 20 years of experience treating chronic diseases like hypertension and diabetes. With increasing recognition that lifestyle change and not treatment with medication is the foundation of health, she obtained a health coaching and personal training certifications and created a practice that has as its foundation, a focus on the patient and lifestyle change.

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