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You have questions, and Dr. Southerland has answers. If you have medical concerns, or you need help filling out forms, reach out to the doctor’s office in Waxahachie, TX. At Brand New Med, Dr. Southerland is always more than happy to help.

1. What is Direct Primary Care (DPC)?

It’s actually medicine, the way it was practiced in the days before insurance. Direct Primary Care is an alternative payment model. It does not accept commercial or government insurance. It removes the insurance company and the government from the doctor-patient relationship

2. Do you accept health insurance or Medicare?

No. We do see Medicare patients but Dr. Southerland has opted not to accept insurance and have opted out of Medicare. Dr. Southerland does not submit charges or accept payments from Medicare. Accepting insurance would increase her costs and create the hectic, stress-inducing practice Dr. Southerland have worked hard to avoid. Dr. Southerland wants to spend more time taking care of patients

3. Do I still need insurance?

Yes! Brand New Med is definitely not an alternative to having insurance, You still need insurance for catastrophic events things like hospitalization or ER visits. Often the choice of a high-deductible plan is the most affordable option. Supplementing your high deductible plan with our model can be cost-effective.

4. Why a monthly fee if I already pay for insurance?

The cost of each visit is simple and clear, up front. An affordable monthly membership fee covers unlimited visits and all primary care services in the office. Similar to a gym membership. Less than the monthly cost of cable or a cell phone bill. No co-pays. Labs are deeply discounted.

5. If I don’t go to the doctor that often, how does this benefit me?

More time with your doctor. More personalized attention for you and your chronic medical issues. You become the person in charge of your health.

Your membership includes an annual physical with baseline labs, in office procedures, office visits for chronic and acute care ( without a copay) and direct access—whether it’s to schedule an appointment or to ask a question. Brand New Med’s patient numbers are kept small to provide the best care possible. In fact, you can call, text, or send an email. Dr. Southerland guarantees to get back with you.

Labs (except for the annual physical) and Radiology are not included. Labs can be ordered at deeply discounted rates

6. Where do I have labs and X-rays done? What about specialists?

At the office, Dr. Southerland can draw labs or refer you to a local lab. Dr. Southerland can order or refer X-ray services. Dr. Southerland can also refer you to the appropriate specialists. The practice is constantly evolving and looking for the best and most affordable option for you.

Contact Dr. Southerland to schedule a well-visit at my family medical office. The practice provides care for those living in Waxahachie, TX, and the surrounding areas.

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