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To ensure your body is operating in good health, you should get annual physical exams. At Brand New Med in Waxahachie, Texas, Dr. Natalia Southerland offers a variety of physical exam options to identify potential medical issues early and monitor existing health conditions. Whether you need a well-woman exam, or your child requires a physical for sports participation, Dr. Southerland can help. She offers a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere with on-site lab work options available. You can always rely on same- or next-day appointments to accommodate your schedule. Book a physical exam online or by calling the office to learn more.

Physicals Q & A

What physical exam options are available?

Dr. Southerland provides a full range of general and specialized physical exams, including:

  • Annual physicals
  • Sports physicals
  • Well-woman exams
  • Preoperative exams
  • Texas Department of Transportation physicals

You should schedule yearly physical exams as part of your overall health plan. These examinations allow Dr. Southerland the opportunity to access how well your body functions from one year to the next. It also allows you a chance to identify potential medical issues as early as possible so you can start receiving treatment.

What can I expect during an annual health exam?

During a routine physical exam, Dr. Southerland discusses any health concerns you have since your last checkup. She takes all the time you need to ask questions or talk about any new symptoms you have.

For the physical part of the exam, Dr. Southerland takes your vital signs, checking your temperature, weight, and blood pressure. She also listens to your heart and lungs and measures your pulse.

To identify abnormalities in your internal organs, Dr. Southerland will press on various areas of your body, checking for lumps or indications of pain.

After a review of your medical and family history, Dr. Southerland may order additional tests or screenings for conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, or organ disease.

How does a well-woman exam differ from an annual physical?

Since women have unique health needs, a well-woman exam addresses not only overall physical health, it also allows Dr. Southerland the opportunity to check the health of your reproductive system.

During a well-woman exam, Dr. Southerland manually exams the breasts, checking for lumps or other irregularities. She performs a pelvic exam, evaluating the size and position of your ovaries and uterus. As part of your routine well-woman exam, Dr. Southerland conducts a Pap test, taking cell samples from your cervix and testing them for precancerous or abnormal cells that can indicate cervical cancer.

Additional screenings, including tests for sexually transmitted disease (STD), may also be necessary depending on your lifestyle and sexual activity.

Why are preoperative exams important?

Before a surgery, Dr. Southerland needs to ensure you are healthy enough to undergo both anesthesia and the surgical procedure.

She performs a comprehensive physical evaluation and may request blood work and other lab tests, based on the type of surgery being performed.

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